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About is the registered trading name of Technology (UK) Ltd and has been trading since 1999.

We contact hundreds of dealers every week to track down the best deals so you don't have to!

WHO THE PEOPLE ARE has two directors, Keith and Michelle Hood. Set-up in 1999 by Keith as a result of 15 years working in the Motor Industry as Group Accountant. With the knowledge of dealer systems, and manufacturers targets, Keith decided to use his knowledge to benefit both customer and dealer. "We believe in being honest and upfront with menu driven pricing for on the road cars for our customers. This is the best way to keep customers happy and coming back time and time again".

Michelle runs the customer care and administrative side of the business coming from a NHS background in health care management for over 14 years. "We get well over 50,000 unique visits a month to our Motormouse website that generate over 1,000 individual enquiries from customers for new and used cars.

When Keith is not helping Michelle with Motormouse, he is busy helping companies save money with his accountancy business Accounting Tax Services. Michelle also has a medical transcription business called FlexiMed. Having other income streams enables Motormouse to run as cheap as possible to save customers money. You won't find any commission sales staff at Motormouse or glossy advertising. All savings other than a small admin fee is past to the customer.

"People trust us because we care. We don't hassle customers and our prices are very competitive. All cars are supplied by UK dealers direct to the customer - we have no involvement with the contract, we just ensure the customer gets the best possible deal from the dealer".


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